My Endorsements for the 2015 Kalamazoo City Commission Election

My Endorsements for the 2015 Kalamazoo City Commission Election

In the past weeks, several people have asked who I am endorsing in the City Commission election this year. There are 15 outstanding people who are running to serve on the commission. It’s a good thing whenever someone wants to serve our city and put him or herself in the public eye. It’s a selfless and challenging task.

Here are the candidates I endorse as we all look to work together for Kalamazoo:

Vice-Mayor David Anderson: I’ve had a strong working relationship with David since he was first elected in 2005. We have worked together collaboratively to focus on the challenges and opportunities Kalamazoo faces. David has a deep understanding of the city’s finances and strong relationships throughout the community.

Commissioner Don Cooney: Dr. Cooney has been an amazing partner as we’ve worked together on Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo. He understands the intricacies of Kalamazoo, having served on the commission for the past 18 years. Don is a dedicated and intelligent leader who understands the importance and value of all people.

Commissioner Eric Cunningham: Since being appointed in January of this year, Eric has dove into the work of being a commissioner with energy and passion. Eric understands the issues and brings a different perspective on decision-making. His work in the past 10-months demonstrates why he should be elected to a full term.

Erin Knott: Erin is a progressive voice who has had experience working in Kalamazoo and on the state level. She is an advocate for empowering citizens and for equality. Erin’s voice should be part of the dialogue we have on the commission.

Matt Milcarek: Whether its safe housing in our neighborhoods or the financial challenges faced by our city, Matt understands the importance of working together to find solutions. With his wide breath of experiences and leadership, Matt will make an excellent city commissioner.

Shannon Sykes: Having strong connections in the community, Shannon is a voice of reason and passion, someone who speaks her mind but listens. Her logical and thoughtful approach will be a valuable asset on the Commission as we work for the citizens of Kalamazoo.

Reed Youngs: An experienced leader on several different boards, Reed understands the need for strong and reliable services in the city. He has a reasonable and watchful eye over how we utilize the city’s resources; he will be a strong leader to insure services are delivered in an effective and efficient way.

Anyone willing to step up to serve the city is vital to the success and excellence of our Kzoo. I thank everyone who have come forward to serve. You give our citizens a choice on who will represent them in the city; we owe all of you a debt of gratitude. I encourage you to consider these candidates when you vote Tuesday Nov. 3rd.

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