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Endorsements from Individuals

Bobby Hopewell has shown tremendous leadership as the Mayor of Kalamazoo. His priorities have been consistent since his first served on the Kalamazoo City Commission in 2003: jobs, safe neighborhoods, economic growth and creating a city of promise for tomorrow’s leaders. Mayor Hopewell represents and listens to individuals from every perspective. He makes decisions based on sound, practical principles. He has consistently delivered on his promises and he has had the courage to make tough decisions. His integrity, his passion for his work —his compassion for the people he represents —all speak volumes of Bobby Hopewell the man. Please vote to return Bobby Hopewell to the Kalamazoo City Commission.
Gretchen Johnson

Bobby has been a steady progressive voice for the citizens of Kalamazoo. We need the strength and leadership that mayor Hopewell has provided in the years to come.
John Taylor, County Commissioner, Kalamazoo

I gladly endorse Bobby Hopewell for mayor of Kalamazoo. He is strong and honest. I hope he continues to serve as long as he is able.
Cameron Lindblade, Lindblade Painting

Bobby Hopewell is an accessible leader we can depend on to act in our interests. He has been interactive with the community and has remained a positive presence in the lives of his neighbors.
Rebecca Hatley, Community Organizer, Michigan United & First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mayor Bobby Hopewell for several years. I have lived in Kalamazoo my entire life and TRULY believe Kalamazoo is better now than ever before. That, in my opinion, is a direct result of the leadership supplied by Mayor Hopewell. I don’t think the citizens of Kalamazoo could ask for a more dedicated leader or one that has more passion for the city of Kalamazoo then Mayor Hopewell.
Chris Thompson

Mayor Bobby Hopewell has been a strong supporter of the Douglass Community Association. As a member of my advisory committee he has been consistent in his efforts to raise funds, and offering his expertise and skills in helping to make Douglass a stronger community resource on the city’s northside. Mayor Hopewell is committed to children and families and in his belief that “we all do better when we all do better”.
Sherry Thomas-Cloud

Our licensed home daycare business supports Bobby Hopewell! His life has always been to Kalamazoo!
Patty Willis, Owner of Patty’s Playhouse

It is with great enthusiasm that I support Bobby Hopewell for City Commission! For over ten years, Bobby has worked tirelessly to move the City of Kalamazoo forward especially during challenging financial times. His strong leadership will only be more necessary in the future.
José E. Santamaria

Bettina and I wholeheartedly endorse Bobby for re-election. He is a true leader filled with vision and care for this great city and its residents. Kalamazoo needs a leader like Bobby during these austere financial times. He will make decisions with both the city and citizens best interests in mind. Please join us in voting for Bobby Hopewell!
Michael Muscara

Bobby is nothing short of a tremendous asset to our community. His passion for our city is demonstrated through his tireless efforts and endless enthusiasm in everything he does for Kalamazoo. I don’t think there is an individual out there in any city anywhere who does as much for their community as Bobby.
Andy Fate

We have all been able to see Mayor Bobby Hopewell in action over the past several years. We know that Bobby has the wisdom, insight and passion for the City of Kalamazoo and its citizens that we need on our next City Commission. Bobby is an experienced Servant Leader with a clear vision of where he wants Kalamazoo to go in the next decade. Many residents share his vision because it focuses on sustainability, growth, community engagement and keeping our city a safe and beautiful place to live. I confidently endorse Bobby Hopewell to be re-elected as a Kalamazoo City Commissioner.
Patti Owens, Vice President & Managing Director, Catalyst Development Company

Bobby has the experience and leadership to take Kalamazoo to a high level as a city. His background makes him an important figure in keeping our community safe, neighborhoods fresh and our businesses on the grow. Best of luck Bobby.
John Hilliard

Bobby Hopewell has shown, time and again, his tireless passion for the success of our community. His initiative and drive to see Kalamazoo succeed is commendable. Bobby’s follow through in his actions show him as a leader who participates, is engaged, and involved. He puts in the time to be there and understand the issues, as well as physically participate in their solutions. I have witnessed him supporting individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, and our city as a whole. He is truly involved on all levels. Please join me in continuing to support Bobby Hopewell for City Commission as a community minded leader who will continue to help our great city become even more vibrant.
Jason Novotny

I endorse Bobby Hopewell for a seat on our City Commission and am convinced that Bobby, as Mayor of Kalamazoo, has been a driving force behind the new entrepreneurial spirit that I am seeing in Kalamazoo. It is this spirit that is helping transform Kalamazoo into a diversified model for other cities in our region. Kalamazoo has always been home to entrepreneurs – from stoves to sleds to wind mills to pills to hospital beds to beer- it is in Kalamazoo’s lifeblood.
As someone who has lived and worked in Kalamazoo’s Downtown area for almost 20 years I have witnessed this change firsthand and Bobby has played a big part of that. He is not someone who says “We can’t do that” but rather he asks “why can’t we do that”. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions and has passion for our City. Bobby Hopewell represents someone who has the ability to think through issues in a pragmatic but yet creative way-he is a problem solver not a problem maker. I feel strongly that Bobby Hopewell is a vital member of Kalamazoo’s City Commission. Please vote for Bobby Hopewell November 5.
John Schmitt

As a lifelong resident of Kalamazoo, I have seen the fluctuations our city has been through over the past 27 years. Things haven’t always been the way they are now, but over the past 8 years as mayor, Bobby has helped transform Kalamazoo into a strong, vibrant community that welcomes entrepreneurs, students, big business and tourists alike. My fellow lifelong resident and KPS graduate has a passion for making this city great and serving its citizens. He understands the importance of education and social justice that allow for shared prosperity, which in turn, lead to a more tight-knit population. Being in the real estate profession, I have seen the direct effect that Kalamazoo’s emergence has had on the housing market. We have become an incubator for businesses that are bringing good jobs to the city, leading to a high demand for housing in the area. We are on a great path, and I know that Bobby has had a key role in getting us to where we are today.
Kevan Hess

Mayor Hopewell’s ability to put differences aside to do what is best for the city of Kalamazoo is a quality that I believe is needed in our city’s government.
Cory King


Other individuals that support Bobby Hopewell

  • Jared Syzmanski, President, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity